Roberto Papini

For my studies; industrial furniture was born in the 1950s in New York with the recovery and reuse of disused spaces that were previously used to house offices, factories, business centers.
Since then, thousands of old warehouses and warehouses have been recovered and used as homes, claiming the beauty of the factories.
It then came to fame thanks to American films and TV series set in these spaces, and thanks to the emergence of Pop Art headed by Andy Warhol and his Factory.

The industrial style gradually asserted itself in the metropolises and then conquered even the smallest local realities.
Today, with the tendency to avoid further exploitation of land and with the consequent recovery of space, industrial-style apartments are increasing significantly.

This project by the CUBO studio has
the industrial style starting from the choice of living space: which is a loft, environments with few partitions that perfectly imitate real industrial spaces.

A project with a particular design, based on sober, essential and clear lines: in this way the furnishings are functional, absolutely basic and made of resistant materials; they are endowed with a robust simplicity and a grunge charm that allows them to be inserted in any environment, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the bedroom, in a very original way.
And it is precisely for this reason that designing and furnishing in an industrial style is not a simple operation: it is necessary to choose the right space, design it and furnish it without falling into monotony, to avoid the risk of creating cold and very unwelcoming environments.
To do this it was necessary to choose this non-dispersive open space, chosen raw but warm materials, essential but balanced furnishings.
The furniture is modern, dynamic and at the same time whimsical.

Interviews and Articles

Gallerist and art critic of recognized authority, with the start-up “CUBO A.P.E. Advanced Project Engineering “Roberto Papini inaugurates a new way of thinking about the interior design of prestigious homes. It is a cultured and evocative concept that places important artistic works in dialogue with architecture and design pieces by great designers such as Ponti, Sottsass and Mendini.

An innovative space is born in Milan that combines art, design and architecture: a “multidimensional studio where the arts are no longer just juxtaposed and juxtaposed, but interpenetrated and coexist”. This is how Roberto Papini – gallery owner and art critic, founder of the Milanese gallery Arting159 – talks about the new project that has seen him as a protagonist since September: the start-up CUBO A.P.E. Advanced Project Engineering ”, based in via Pantano 2, a few meters from the Milan Cathedral.

Who is CUBO A.P.E. for?
“CUBO A.P.E. (acronym for Advanced Project Engineering) offers bespoke interior design projects dedicated to prestigious homes. It is not simply a question of furnishing a space, but of creating a concept in which the works of art dialogue with the architecture and with high-level design pieces, signed by designers such as Gio Ponti, Alessandro Mendini, Ettore Sottsass. “

Why did you feel the need to bring art, design and architecture together in one place?
“In the last hundred years, the various artistic disciplines have taken divergent paths, moving away from that unitary vision that had instead characterized the past. Today we are witnessing a new synthesis between different artistic expressions: the result is a redefinition of the skills of the architect, who, in addition to being an impeccable designer and builder, must know and passionately love the arts. “

How has the art scene evolved since you founded your gallery in 2007?
Today it is no longer possible to limit oneself to paintings and sculptures, that is, to so-called pure art. Creativity looks to the world of production, industry and new materials: the work of art is no longer an end in itself, but becomes an object designed to be reproduced. We are witnessing a real exchange of forms between the world of arts and that of industrial objects. “

How does the role of the gallerist change in this scenario?
“In my case, Arting159 continues to be the space in which I dedicate myself to the scouting of young talents and a meeting and discussion place for those who share a love for collectible art. At the same time, CUBO A.P.E. outlines a new strategy, in which artists, architects and designers work together to create spaces and objects that are both functional and beautiful. “

An area of ​​experimentation less explored than other large and traditional sectors of the culture of design, interior design is now being enriched with heterogeneous and original contributions that shift its horizons.

In fact, in recent years there has been a marked tendency towards synthesis between the different artistic expressions, from which a marked and fertile redefinition of the competences of the figure of the architect and interior design derives: no longer just a controller of shapes, but a polyglot subject, capable of having a profound dialogue with the different expressive languages. In this context fits the research of Roberto Papini, gallery owner and art critic, founder of the Arting159 gallery, who with the CUBO A.P.E. (Advanced Projects Engineering) wants to inaugurate a new way of thinking about interior design, centered on intertwining with different forms of art. A vision in which creativity looks to the world of production, industry and new materials: the work is no longer seen as a unique end in itself, but as an object conceived to be reproduced, in a continuous exchange between art and design industrial. An approach in line with the trends of the contemporary world and its multifaceted attitudes.

CUBE A.P.E. offers bespoke interior design projects capable of going beyond the pure furnishing of the space, aiming to give life to new concepts in which the works of art can dialogue with the architecture and with design pieces with a strong iconic charge, designed by masters like Ponti, Mendini or Sottsass.

At the same time, Arting159 defines itself as a project dedicated to the scouting of young art professionals, looking at creativity as an interweaving of worlds. An ambitious program, which starts in July with the exhibition dedicated to the photographer Guido Argentini.

When interior design and love for art in all its forms meet and give life to precious homes

Art and architecture: two inextricably linked disciplines, which have always exerted great fascination on men. Art is not found only in museums: art is around us constantly, and now it is possible to immerse yourself in the artistic universe and experience it as a protagonist, and not just as a spectator or collector. Roberto Papini, a well-known gallery owner and art expert, has decided to create a harmonious dialogue between art and architecture. Just like in the Renaissance, our homes today can take on that eternal aura that only the link with the world of art can give. Starting from the ideas of its customers, thanks to its expertise it is able to capture the soul of each client and translate it into a unique and unusual language. The CUBO A.P.E. is based in District Brera in Milan: it deals with design for clients at national and international level.
Interior Design and Art: no longer an elite world reserved for museums

With his project CUBO A.P.E, Papini reinvents the concept of Interior Design under the sign of a rediscovered Renaissance with a contemporary flavor. The house blends with the work of art to best express the identity of those who live there. The artistic product thus stops being an element of decoration or sterile ostentation and becomes an integral part of the living room. It starts with real estate consultancy and furniture choices, passing through the design and pre-visualization phases through 3D rendering up to the final phase, the decoration. Papini’s is an all-round reality which, thanks to the best professionals in the architecture, design and art sectors, guarantees refinement and quality. 360 ° art: the perfect service for those who want to live in a prestigious environment, which they can feel as their own because they are not influenced by the ephemeral taste of trends, but with a unique personality. The one between Art and Interior Design is a partnership that can be declined for private homes, but also for hotels and clubs or exclusive stores that do not want to give up refinement.
“CUBO A.P.E. realizes tailor-made creative ideas “says the creator, Roberto Papini. “In this particular moment, more and more needs are born aimed at well-being, comfort,” leisure “and living takes on a meaning characterized by the need to live in a comfortable, welcoming habitat that at the same time responds to the multiple forms of current living . CUBO A.P. And in fact it starts from a careful listening and a research of the real needs and peculiarities of the client, be it a private individual, a hotel or a store / local to capture the soul of each project and transform it, thanks to our experience and professionalism, into something unique “. Papini is an entrepreneur, but he was born into a family of collectors and therefore the world of art has always been his daily bread. Expert collector, for years he has been dealing with art at national and international level. Papini is also president and administrator of Arting159, a cultural association and art gallery founded in 2010. His goal is to give visibility to new artistic talents and spread good culture.

CUBE A.P.E. is the architectural perspective construction division specializing in the creation of creative ideas designed for your home, your restaurant, your hotel, your store, your living and welcoming places. In this particular moment of covid emergency, more and more needs arise for well-being, comfort and ‘leisure’. Living takes on an increasingly important meaning characterized by the need to live in a comfortable and welcoming habitat that responds to the multiple needs of current living.

The staff made up of experienced professionals in the fields of art, design and architecture is able to grasp the soul of each client’s project and translate it into a unique and unusual language. The result is high quality furnishings and contents created to measure without ever losing sight of our customer’s needs. The best practices of studio CUBO A.P.E. are divided into sectors of furniture, real estate operations, and components for building and architecture. The studio is based in District Brera in Milan, deals with design working for clients operating nationally and internationally. Always traveling and lovers of art and culture. We propose ourselves as a strategic partner by designing spaces for our clients, through a multidisciplinary service and supporting them at every stage to create a tailor-made home, as if it were a made-to-measure suit, after all our home is our second skin. Through professionalism, competence and attention to every single detail, studied with skill, we create specific solutions for every personal need, making living living as a unique experience where art, culture and well-being come together to generate exclusive and unique spaces.
We design your home with RENDERING, making you see you dream and imagine what is not yet there. Our photo-realistic renderings and our 3D animations, made by our architects, are communication tools designed exclusively for our target, and every single proposal makes visible the message of an exclusive and personalized space that surprises your mind and remains in your memory. Through the power of images and visualizing new ideas for living, we capture your attention and your imagination.
We present our products before they are made, we reduce the initial investments for the development of a product and we drastically reduce the time to market. To communicate it is not always necessary to have the product, photo-realistic renderings, 3D animations allow us to present what is not yet there. Advanced Project Engineering, because we offer the customer passionate and specific know-how in the art, architecture and design sector, our brand is a guarantee of prestige and we enjoy an excellent reputation. We are the guarantee of a unique and personalized service and we are constantly evolving. We have the ability to identify talent. We spread and promote culture. CUBE A.P.E. and the modern design of the house.

Ever since modern homes started trending, designers have created the latest models of modern homes. The elegant and contemporary style becomes the main attraction for many interested people. Increasingly fierce competition can no longer be avoided. Nowadays, there are many examples of modern, elegant and contemporary homes that correspond to the characteristics of the latest models of living, to the point of making the user confused in the choice of his personal place to live. CUBE A.P.E. designs and builds according to your ‘wishes’, a place to live with your own unique and personal style. CUBE A.P.E. focuses on a narrow niche to become the most important competitor in a narrow market and dominate a category or a geographical area.
Our niche is “one inch wide, one mile deep”. One inch wide means that it is aimed at an extremely narrow category, and one mile deep means that many specialized professionals are involved who seek and find the solution to each specific problem. We identify a specific niche, we expand our business by finding another profitable and extremely narrow niche, and we acquire that too. At this point we can have all the advantages of a very high specialization, without limiting the potential of our business.
In a niche market, the price is irrelevant. If you have just had a heart attack, would you prefer to be treated by a general practitioner or a cardiology specialist? Obviously you would choose the cardiologist. Do you think a consultation with a cardiology specialist costs more than a consultation with a general practitioner? Obviously yes.

The cost of the specialist will probably be much higher than that of the general practitioner, because you are not making a purchase based on price. A specialist is sought specially not chosen on the basis of his convenience, and is much more esteemed than a handyman; he is paid handsomely to solve a specific problem in his target market. 

CUBE A.P.E. it must be conceived as a brand with a recognizable identity in detail and quality, a point of reference for a type of sought-after clientele. Our architecture projects are for a client who wants a home with a singular personality who likes to be unique and not tied to the standards of current trends (luxury mass market). Our client is a person of culture, passion for the arts, with high economic possibilities, a curious traveler and a lover of beauty.