Restyling for your home, your restaurant, your hotel, your store, your living and welcoming places. Restyling for art’s lovers

If you want to transform and renovate your properties in order to make them more welcoming and prestigious, we are ready to put our skills at your disposal.

Renewing spaces, commercial or residential, means bringing new positive energy into one’s own life and that of those who usually frequent these places.

You could also think of the renovation of your spaces as an opportunity to acquire works of art capable of being a real safe haven. Try to imagine your new environments adorned with unique, specially selected artistic elements, capable of instilling their messages while at the same time giving you a feeling of well-being and solidity that lasts over time.

Also in this context CUBO A.P.E. makes all of Roberto Papini’s international experience in the world of art available to its users.
All our restyling projects make use of the most advanced design techniques, to guarantee the customer an exclusive and absolutely prestigious final result.


Trust our experts. Unique environments for elegance and style


    Style and art will surround you

    CUBE A.P.E. designs an aristocratic villa in Tuscany in interior design. Our client belongs to an extremely narrow category of people with a high cultural profile with an extraordinary culture. For this restyling, many specialized professionals have been involved who seek and find the solution to each specific problem.
    Through the people who work for us, we can have all the advantages of a very high level of specialization, without limiting the potential of our business.
    In a niche market like this project, the price is irrelevant.
    If you have just had a heart attack, would you prefer to be treated by a general practitioner or a cardiology specialist? Obviously you would choose the cardiologist. Do you think a consultation with a cardiology specialist costs more than a consultation with a general practitioner? Obviously yes.
    The cost of the specialist will probably be much higher than that of the general practitioner, because you are not making a purchase based on price. A specialist is sought specially not chosen on the basis of his convenience, and is much more esteemed than a handyman; he is paid handsomely to solve a specific problem in his target market.

    In this project CUBO A.P.E. has a recognizable identity in detail and quality, a point of reference for a type of sought-after clientele. This architectural project is for a client who wants a home with a singular personality who likes to be unique and not tied to the standards of current trends

    Restyling study for a manor house in Tuscany in the Chianti area. The construction was enriched with real works of art, chosen specifically for the client’s project.
    Each space we designed acquires a much higher value than the simple sum of the parts that compose it. From this point of view, art becomes an element to be lived without fractures, in continuity, capable of invigorating the soul and showing the extreme taste of those who live in a space created together with CUBO A.P.E.
    Entrusting CUBO A.P.E. your architectural project, thanks to the experience of the art expert Roberto Papini, will transform your rooms into a real safe haven, capable of retaining value and beauty over the years. We never forget innovations, using the best photorealistic rendering software, we immerse customers in cutting-edge virtual tours, designing the detailed preview of their future spaces. Get in touch with us, we will show you how ideas can become extremely unique and exclusive realities.