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Cube A.P.E. approaches interior design with experiences at the highest levels. We work on every detail to create exclusive and comfortable environments by also integrating works of art selected for the project by the expert Roberto Papini.

Our group has had the honor and prestige of working in the most varied international scenarios, starting from Milan and arriving in Dubai, also passing through the most exclusive locations in the Mediterranean.

Stairs, furniture, lamps and windows become true elements of style, capable of realizing the taste and refined style of those who come to our studio.
Each element of our projects becomes a safe haven, capable of retaining value over the years, giving an unparalleled feeling of security to those who own the spaces where our work takes its unique and unmistakable form.

We create spaces capable of exciting and at the same time always capable of welcoming those who live there in a functional way.
We provide complete, valuable and exclusive solutions, whatever the environment, whether it is a modern and exclusive apartment, a representative office, a prestigious property, a showroom or a historic villa.

We guarantee our customer the utmost seriousness, professionalism and confidentiality, get in touch with us and you will discover how our service can be unique from the very first moment.


Trust our experts. Unique environments for elegance and style


    A new way of living

    Unusual and innovative project for an apartment in Brera in Milan. The owner marries the CUBO A.P.E. by Roberto Papini believes that architecture is an art and that from the purest concept it is possible to materialize the precious fruit of ingenuity. Project of a 90 sqm apartment built with environments permeated with exclusivity, capable of giving unforgettable sensations to those who live there. Our team’s project already lives in the most exclusive and modern locations in Milan, our professionalism is now well established, especially thanks to Roberto Papini’s experience in the artistic field.
    Thanks to CUBO A.P.E. the best experts, specially selected, have been made available for this splendid apartment. We are convinced that to materialize your dreams you need the best specialists, people who have traveled, lived and learned from art and living, able to pour their passion into valuable architectural creations such as this beautiful house renovated to measure on the character of the our client, as if it were a tailored suit.
    Art expresses personality. Not only that of those who create it but also that of those who buy it. And it necessarily characterizes the spaces in which it is inserted, giving them a precise and often unequivocal connotation.