CUBO A.P.E. is the architectural perspective construction division specialized in realization of creative ideas
designed for your home, your restaurant, your hotel, your store, your living and welcoming places. In this
specific moment of Covid emergency, there are more and more needs for well-being, comfort and ‘leisure’.
Living takes on an increasingly important meaning characterized by the need to live in a comfortable habitat and
welcoming that responds to the multiple needs of current living.

Staff consists of experienced professionals in the sectors
of art, design and architecture is able to grasp
the soul of each client’s project and to translate it into
a unique and unusual language.
The result is the highest quality furnishings and contents created
tailor-made without ever losing sight of the needs of ours

The best practices of studio CUBO A.P.E. are articulated between
sectors of furniture, real estate operations, and
components for building and architecture. The studio has
based in the Brera District in Milan, it deals with design
working for clients operating nationwide and
international. We propose ourselves as a strategic partner
designing spaces for our clients, through a
multidisciplinary service and supporting them at every stage for
create a custom designed living, as if it were a
tailor-made suit, after all our home is our second
skin. Through professionalism, competence and care
of every single detail, studied with skill, we create
specifics solutions for every personal need,
living as a unique experience where art and culture
and well-being come together to generate exclusive and unique spaces.

We design your home with RENDERING showing you
dreams and imagining what is not yet there.
Our photo-realistic renderings and animations
3D, made by our architects, are tools of communication designed exclusively for our target, and
every single proposal makes the message of a space visible
exclusive and personalized that surprises your mind as well
remains in your memory. Through the power of images
and by visualizing new ideas for living, we capture yours
attention and your imagination.

We present our products before making them,
we reduce the initial investments for the development of a product
and we drastically reduce times. To communicate

it is not always necessary to have the product, photo renderings
realistic. 3D animations allow us to present that

which still does not exist. Advanced Project Engineering, why
we offer the customer the passionate and specific know-how in
the art, architecture and design sector, our brand
is a guarantee of prestige and we enjoy an excellent reputation. We are there
guarantee of a unique and personalized service and we are in
constant evolution.

We have the skills to identify talent. We spread and
we promote culture. CUBE A.P.E. and modern design
of the House.
Ever since modern homes started trending,
designers have created the latest models of modern houses.
The elegant and contemporary style becomes the main attraction
for many interested people.

More and more competition fierce can no longer be avoided. Nowadays, there are
many examples of modern, elegant and contemporary houses
which correspond to the characteristics of the latest models
of living, to the point of making the user confused in the choice of
his personal place to live. CUBE A.P.E. designs and manufactures
following your ‘wishes’, a place to live with yours
unique and personal style. CUBE A.P.E. focuses on one
narrow niche to become the most important competitor
in a small market and dominate a category or geographic area.

Our niche is “one inch wide, one mile deep”.
One inch wide means it caters to a category
extremely narrow, and a mile deep means
that many specialized professionals are involved
who seek and find the solution to each specific
problem. We identify a specific niche, we expand
our business by finding another profitable niche and
extremely narrow, and we acquire that too.
At this point we can have all the benefits of
a very high specialization, without limiting the potential
of our business.

In a niche market, the price is irrelevant.
If you have just had a heart attack, you would rather receive
the care of a general practitioner or specialist in

Obviously you would choose the cardiologist. Do you think that a consultation with a cardiology specialist costs more than that
with a general practitioner? Obviously yes.
The cost of the specialist will probably be much higher than that of the general practitioner, because you are not doing it
a purchase by price. A specialist is sought specially not chosen on the basis of his convenience, and
is much more respected than a handyman; he is paid handsomely to solve a specific problem of his
reference market.

CUBE A.P.E. must be conceived as a brand with a recognizable identity in detail and quality, a point of
reference for a type of sought-after clientele. Our architecture projects are for a client who wants a home
with a singular personality who loves to be unique and not tied to the standards of current trends (mass market
luxury). Our client is a person of culture, passion for the arts, with high economic possibilities, a traveler
curious and lover of beauty.